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Application for Starfleet Academy

Congratulations on reaching the interview stage of the Starfleet application process. The interview today will aim to ensure your general knowledge about the purpose and function of Starfleet, as well as determine the Academic Track your personality characteristics are best suited for. It is expected that you will answer all questions thoroughly and expand upon your answers. Should you be given a choice of answers, it is expected that you will adhere to this request and select one.

If you have any questions, please ask them here. If you do not have any questions, we will continue.

Before You Begin
  • Read this guide carefully. Failure to comply with instructions will result in rejection of your application.
  • Join enlist_in_fleet and only that community. Do not join any other associated communities unless instructed.
  • The format of the application is designed for uniformity and ease of reading. Do not alter the format as given, including the font of the application.
    • If you fill out your application in a word-processing program, please note that additional formatting may be inserted by the software. Test your application in a private post to your journal to verify the format has not been changed.
    • Common errors in formatting include:
      • Failure to close HTML tags. Preview your application to ensure all tags are properly closed.
      • Error in LJ-cut. This is especially important if you use the Rich Text Editor, as it is notorious for throwing mistakes. Preview your application in a private post in your own journal to verify your cut is working properly.

Writing Your Application
  • While the length of an answer is not necessarily a deciding factor for Starfleet personnel, excessively short answers often make it difficult to reach a decision. Assume all questions have a secondary component of 'why?' and give an explanation for your response. Quality is weighed heavier than quantity, but be thorough.
  • Starfleet personnel appreciate a sense of humor, but your application should be written without extreme levity. Take the application seriously.
  • You may have an idea of which Track you wish to have as your assignment. Deliberately writing your application with a specific goal in mind may result in an assignment to Civilian life from personnel. Write your application with honesty and allow us to decide which Track is the best fit.
  • If English is not your first language, you may wish to indicate that in your application. Many members will have a keen eye for grammatical and spelling errors, but may grant some leeway for ESL applicants.
  • Proofread, spell-check, and grammar-check your application. Verify your canon using a resource such as Memory Alpha.

Submitting Your Application
  • Double-check your application for errors and formatting. You may contact Admiral Lupin here to have your application rejected from the queue if you wish to make further changes, but once posted for consideration, only corrections required by the Admiral will be permitted.
  • To ensure we know you have read the rules, your application must bear a subject line in the form of "Dammit man, I'm a _____, not a ______". Your choice of words may fill in the blanks.
  • Your application will be posted in the order in which it was received. Do not ask the Admiral or Command Staff when your application will go live. Watch or track enlist_in_fleet to be notified.

  • Personnel may comment with responses ranging from a single word to a detailed explanation. You may respond to any comment you receive, but be aware that any and all of your responses may be used by members as part of their decisions, whether for a Track or for a Civilian assignment.
  • Prospective applicants are reminded that hostile and argumentative behavior is not appropriate and may likely result in a Civilian assignment.
  • Do not delete your application once posted. It is assumed that any person attempting to enlist will possess the maturity to handle all responses, even if assigned to Civilian life.
  • The Admiral may over-rule the decision of Starfleet personnel and select a different Track than assigned by the majority. Do NOT rely on or expect this outcome, as it will be used only in the rarest of circumstances.
  • If you are assigned to a Track you feel is not a good fit, you have the option to make an appeal after you have been in service for ONE MONTH. At that time, you may follow the instructions in this post.
  • If you are not Enlisted (i.e. the majority vote was Civilian), then please feel free to reapply in the following Semester (four months).

Rules for Member's Voting
  • Act as though you're talking to a commanding officer or another member of the community when responding to an application: i.e. respect the applicant.
  • Make sure you place your Track name as the Subject - i.e. Medical Track, and that you use bold tags <*b>Track Chosen<*/b> (without the asterisks) around your vote so it can be seen easily.
  • You may respond with just the Track you're voting for on an application, or submit a page long analysis - it's up to you.
  • Psych profiles for Exploratory Sciences, Medical, Tactical and Operations Tracks can be read here once you have been Enlisted. These profiles are what we use to determine the right Track for each applicant. Read and reread them carefully. Become familiar with what we look for in an applicant. These are what you will refer to when you vote on someone's application to the comm. Be aware however that these are friendslocked for a reason. Starfleet does not discuss these profiles with civilians (it helps avoid "pushing" for a particular track).
  • Be honest in your vote, but don't cast out of spite or because your opinions are different to that of the applicant.
  • Don't be a Tellerite! i.e. Don't argue for the sake of arguing. Debate is encouraged, but don't be nasty.
  • At the moment you only need to vote on 10 applications in order to Graduate.
  • Please pick up your uniform for Starfleet here. Make sure you are wearing this whenever you Enlist new recruits.
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